Seeking the Opportunity to create Opportunities.

We, here at Eventor Nepal are always in search of chances that can give you the push forward you need to make things happen.

Welcome to Eventor Nepal

A platform for students and anyone who is out there in search of excellence.

Inclusive Learning Environment

Create diverse and inclusive platforms for individuals, ensuring equal opportunities for all participants, regardless of background or expertise.

Skill & Personality Development

At Eventor Nepal, we're not just organizing events; we're paving the way for a future where every aspiring individual has the chance to shine.

Innovation Imagination and Creativity

Inspire creativity and innovation by organizing events that encourage out-of-the-box thinking, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among participants.

Eventor is a social enterprise run by a group of young and passionate individuals that works to create platforms and opportunities especially for, but not limited to, youth and teenagers. We are a team of enthusiastic individuals who believe in making the best opportunities for those seeking the platforms to grow or show their capabilities. Eventor organizes academic and non-academic competitions, tournaments, seminars and workshops on physical and virtual media.

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

Join us in our mission

Our mission is to improve the level of opportunities for the learners and opportunity seekers in both quantitative and qualitative manner to empower the individual with enough experience and knowledge in the field of their interest to reach their true potential.

Completed Workshops
Completed Projects
Students Benefited

We are approached by more than 400 students.

We have completed 29 projects and over 11 workshops and benefited more than 400 students all around Nepal through the workshops.

We work alongside colleges and clubs for workshops

Eventor Nepal envisions a future where every student and learner embodies confidence, resilience, and adaptability. Our focus transcends academic achievements, aiming to cultivate well-rounded individuals equipped to thrive in dynamic environments. Through our events, we inspire purpose and empower individuals to realize their full potential, fostering impactful contributions to society.

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Latest Workshops

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Meet our Team

Meet our passionate individuals dedicated to creating inclusive environments and empowering youth to reach their potential.

Founder and CEO

Manoj Budha

Executive Member

Divyata Khanal

Executive Member

Emon Dhungana

Executive Member

Hritika Rawat

Executive Member

Reecha Basnet

Executive Member

Sudikshya Poudel

Executive Member

Shristi Gupta

Executive Member

Tanushree Dhungel

Executive Member

Soham Aryal

Akina Singh Suwal
Executive Member

Akina Singh Suwal

Executive Member

Siddhika Timsina

Executive Member

Suprina Rajbanshi

Our Partners & Collaborators

In our journey towards empowerment and growth, we deeply appreciate the invaluable support of our partners. Through collaboration and shared vision, we amplify our impact and extend our reach to better serve the community. Together, we are committed to creating meaningful opportunities and fostering positive change. Join us in recognizing and celebrating the contributions of our esteemed partners.

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The Gream Project

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